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CPTED and security consulting working hand-in-hand for better outcomes

The planning of a new commercial or public building is an exciting but challenging process. An important consideration is the safety of the occupants, people who transit through, and the risk of damage to the building and surrounds. We work with building planners, architects and councils to ensure that the safety of people and risk

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Stop wasting money and start analysing your security budget

We don’t know about you, but we object to being sold stuff we don’t need and worse still, obsolete. In the security industry, costs can soon add up. In Australia, maintaining a 24/7 security presence amounts to well over $300,000 a year – and a lot more for larger sites needing multiple guards. It pays

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Security Risk Management as a Service

What if you could predict the future? We live in a changing world. The pace has been astonishing, with some elements of our lives having changed beyond recognition in the past 20 years alone. For businesses, the nature of security threats is also rapidly evolving – and for many, keeping up without access to specialist

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New Security Management Calls For Review

The challenge With a new security manager and a raft of improvements needed, Matryx was called in to undertake an enterprise wide, security risk management review of one of Brisbane’s premier universities. What we did QUT is a large university by any measure. It has two campuses that thousands of students and staff attend each

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New Security Measures for Busy CBD Property

The Challenge Our client was taking over a new Melbourne CBD property and needed to understand if the proposed security measures and those that already existed in the building would be appropriate for their new campus. What we did As with almost all security engagements we undertake, we started the review process by meeting with

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Powercor ups security standards and formalises strategy

We were engaged by our Client, to perform a desktop Security Risk Assessment on their proposed premises in Victoria. The purpose of the review was to ensure that security measures for the proposed facility are both carefully considered and ensure compliance. The Challenge: Our client is a somewhat unique business and is moving into a

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Global logistics company calls for help

assessing security at a residential property building

The challenge A global logistics provider had experienced a series of burglaries that specifically targeted high-value electronics held in their warehouses. These losses reflected poorly on the organisation and placed in jeopardy their global distribution contract. What we did We commenced with a security risk assessment to ascertain where the vulnerabilities were and what improvements

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Improving security standards at retail centres

Damage to a business’s reputation can be extremely difficult to repair. Even when serious, security-related events are – for the most part – unlikely to occur, they do need to be considered as events that can come with very serious consequences.  The ramifications of a serious incident occurring can be injury and loss of life,

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Creating workplace security strategies for at-risk staff 

woman smiling at workplace colleague, sitting in an office environment

The fundamental principle of any security strategy is that it should be consistent and repeatable, irrespective of which property it is deployed to or the people involved. This is a particularly important consideration for businesses when planning to establish numerous premises. With consistency comes familiarity which ensures that staff will understand the security program, irrespective

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Standards for Homeless Shelters

We were engaged  by our Client, to perform a desktop security assessment on their various properties across Victoria. The purpose of the review is to identify any areas of risk, that may be present and to provide the suggested remedial and risk mitigation actions in relation to any identified risks. The Challenge: Out of six

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