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Managed Security Services

A team of security experts in your pocket.

How do you manage risk today?

Where does your organisation sit?

Two key factors determine how well you manage security and risk: capability and visibility.

Uncontrolled Risk

No formal structures in-place, limited resources and capability to deal with risk. Lacking visibility of the exposed risks day to day, leaving the business vulnerable.

Siloed Risk

Some formal structures and resources in-place, but risk is managed in silos. Difficult to get stakeholder buy-in, creating roadblocks and a lack of action around much-needed risk improvements.

Hidden Risk

Formal structures and a team of capable people, but skills and experience are not security specific. Limited view of the risks the business is exposed to. Only getting one or two perspectives of risk.

Predictable Risk

Maximum visibility of the risk the business is exposed to, and capability to proactively manage it. A structured risk management process and holistic approach make the predicting of risk possible.

One less hat to wear.

A team of security experts at your fingertips:

Independent Advice

Capability, experience and knowledge to help you make timely and informed decisions​.

Early Warnings

Proactive steps to prevent incidents occurring, rather than just responding​.

Smart Technology

Predictive technology that gets smarter each time it records an incident, helping allocate security budgets.

Action Plan

Accountability to implement changes, ensuring value for money from your security spend.​

Managing physical security just got easier.

How we work together:


Deep dive into the issues you are experiencing, understand what is working and what isn’t and exactly where you need help.


Identify where the gaps are from a security and risk perspective and where we can make positive change​.


​Apply a risk rating to your property using our smart Risk Dynamyx® technology. Recommend best ways to address your risk.


Compile an extensive report with recommendations to improve security and minimise your property’s risk position.


Determine who needs to do what and when. Recommend partners and products,  holding your hand through the entire process​.


Track the security performance at your property, looking for change and improvements. See in real time how it’s working for you​.


Apply our 60 years of collective knowledge, experience and resources to your business. Have a team of experts supporting you. ​

Reduce risk and security spend.

Working with us you’ll have:

Less Incidents

Reduced number of incidents your business is exposed to.

Safer Spaces

Safer workplaces and spaces for all who visit and work in them.

More Skills

​A whole team of experts supporting you to make informed decisions.

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of commercial organisations such as local councils, property groups and community services, single or multi-properties. Whether you have a team in-place, or limited resources managing your security, our Matryx Managed Services are designed to work with whatever resources you have today.

Fixed monthly fee, per property includes:

  • On-call, security advice
  • Online incident logging and review
  • Real-time risk rating of each property
  • Trend analysis and insights
  • Continuous improvement plan
  • Management reports
  • Recommendations to reduce security spend
  • Independent operational reviews
  • Documented, standard operating procedures

Ready to have your security challenges solved?

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