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Global logistics company calls for help

The challenge

A global logistics provider had experienced a series of burglaries that specifically targeted high-value electronics held in their warehouses. These losses reflected poorly on the organisation and placed in jeopardy their global distribution contract.

What we did

We commenced with a security risk assessment to ascertain where the vulnerabilities were and what improvements in security needed to be made.

Our findings

Stock placement

Our first recommendation was to secure the product within its own designated area which was to be centrally located in the warehouse. This would make the goods more difficult to get to, and take longer to access. This increases the opportunity to detect the intrusion and to apprehend the offenders and follows recognised defence in depth principles.

The new storage area was built to a very high standard that meant power tools would be needed to breach it. Tighter controls were also applied to staff movements into the secure area, access to power and to forklifts after hours.


We wanted to further implement defence in depth principles across the property as a way of identifying any security breach as early as possible. With most security breaches lasting less than six minutes, time is a critical element that had to be considered.

The proposed security improvements were designed and then documented to allow procurement of the new systems.

Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection was expanded to include the outside of the property so that any trespass would be detected as early as possible. This was implemented using thermal CCTV cameras which are ideal for this application.

The cameras were then integrated with a personal address system that would automatically sound announcements in the event that intruders were detected. This proved very effective at deterring criminal activities.


Our final step in the process was undertaking witness testing of all the new systems (both electronic and operational) to ensure they were robust and worked as intended.

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