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New Security Measures for Busy CBD Property

The Challenge

Our client was taking over a new Melbourne CBD property and needed to understand if the proposed security measures and those that already existed in the building would be appropriate for their new campus.

What we did

As with almost all security engagements we undertake, we started the review process by meeting with our client to understand how the building was to be used and its proposed layout.

Once this was understood, we assessed the security risk of the property to identify what would be required once the building was full of hundreds of students and staff. This included a peer review of the proposed security design for the building that was undertaken by a services consultancy.

As the building would have different uses on different levels, special consideration needed to be given to how spaces would connect and allow large groups of people to move through it. This would be an important consideration when structuring security around building entries, the lifts and staircases between floors.

As the building had previously been used as office accommodation, some elements of past security systems could be re-used and integrated into the new design. Some though posed unacceptable risks such as caged areas in basements that were contrary to CPTED principles and needed to be re-thought.

The recommendations

There were multiple ways that the outcomes of the client could be achieved so our final report contained four different scenarios for their consideration. Each scenario was broken down with the pros and cons explained in detail. This would allow the client and their design team to make informed decisions on how to best apply security without impacting the accessibility and amenity of the property.

While there were several design considerations tabled, there were some treatments that had to be incorporated irrespective of the final design. These were things like operational requirements of the security officers to work on the property and how they would control the property.

The final solution incorporated a variety of changes and improvements that allow the building to function as intended while not compromising security.

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