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Powercor ups security standards and formalises strategy

We were engaged by our Client, to perform a desktop Security Risk Assessment on their proposed premises in Victoria. The purpose of the review was to ensure that security measures for the proposed facility are both carefully considered and ensure compliance.

The Challenge:

Our client is a somewhat unique business and is moving into a new area of operations. The importance of security is well understood by all. Our recommendations within the report provided to the client, would be highly beneficial if they are implemented as suggested, as well as the overall security in place, will be of a very good standard and appropriate, based on the nature of the business. 

What we did:

The review took into account the building’s proposed construction and general layout, its location and the immediate neighbourhood and possible exposure levels to future incidents, as well as the resultant consequences associated with these incidents. 

The risk assessment was based on the site and buildings in their planned future configurations and takes into account all proposed security measures, practices and systems.


It was recommended that the client maintain all trees on public reserve around the property that fall within 6 metres of the property boundary, so that the fence cannot be used to climb. Fencing was also suggested to the entire boundary of the property, as well as maintaining all new shrubbery to below 800mm in height.

At the proposed site, there are several proposed entrances to the Building. It is recommended that electronic access control is assigned to the main pedestrian entries to not only limit but also to log all movements in and out of the building. CCTV coverage to be applied to doors also to provide further evidence of pedestrian movements.  When doors are not in use, they must be properly secured. Furthermore, CCTV system in accordance with the risk profile of the property, and to ensure the archive period is at least 30 days for all cameras. Lastly, installation of electric fencing to the property perimeter including entry gates in the event that other activities at the premises are undertaken.

Within the proposed building, is a vault, which is the most secure area of the facility. Security to the vault is critically important. Our suggestion is for CCTV coverage to the external areas of the vault to provide high level coverage of all walls, as well as installation of motion detection to the internal areas of the vault. 

In relation to security incidents, there have been no reported incidents of loss associated with the property as it’s yet to be Constructed. Our proposal is for the client to implement a formal register that captures all security incidents, including near misses. In addition, categorise the incidents so that the proper analysis of the incidents can occur.  The client will also benefit from engaging a security provider to provide alarm response services as recommended. 

With any business, keys are issued to Employees. We suggest the implementation of a key register, and installation of a key safe or secure keys in a secure area.  The benefit of this is so all keys are accounted for and allocated accordingly.

Another important recommendation is for the client to create, document and then implement the recommended minimum standards and operating procedures as suggested.

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