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Standards for Homeless Shelters

We were engaged  by our Client, to perform a desktop security assessment on their various properties across Victoria. The purpose of the review is to identify any areas of risk, that may be present and to provide the suggested remedial and risk mitigation actions in relation to any identified risks.

The Challenge:

Out of six properties, we only visited one. Fortunately we were supplied with incident data that had given us a good insight into the challenges the 6 business locations faces. 

What we did:

Based on the data supplied, aswell as incident history and existing electronic security system at the properties, we were able to identify where we believe security should be deployed to each asset class.

Initially we had to have a thorough understanding of the extent to which incidents occurred at the properties. We were provided with a list of incidents, which was extensive, but not all were relevant to this process.  

What was apparent, is that the majority of security incidents are directly associated with individuals who have been granted access to the properties. 

We were able to identify the exact location of which received the highest number of incidents ranging from threat of suicide or self-harm, to sexual assaults and other forms of violence.


Our recommendation relating to electronic access control and intrusion detection should be applied to every property without exception. Electronic access control installed at all main entry points aswell as an alert to any intrusions that occur.  While it may appear that some environments do not have anything worth stealing, alarms ensure that the business remains secure and is safe to enter each work day. We have recommended against the use of mechanical keys wherever possible. This is because of the trouble that comes with managing and accounting for keys and the difficulty in tracking them.

CCTV systems are recommended, but are not required at office spaces that do not receive clients or visitors. Intercoms are suggested for properties that regularly have clients and members of the public attending of where electronic access control has been installed to restrict access.  Intercoms should be supported by video capabilities, which can be contained within the intercom or using a separate CCTV system.

Duress systems should be a requirement for properties where the highest level of risk exists- in this instance any building that is client facing and the buildings which attract the highest level of incidents.  

Intercoms will be needed for properties that regularly have clients and members of the public attending or where electronic access control has been installed to restrict access. 

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