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Security Risk Management as a Service

Infographic highlighting security risk management as a service

What if you could predict the future?

We live in a changing world. The pace has been astonishing, with some elements of our lives having changed beyond recognition in the past 20 years alone.

For businesses, the nature of security threats is also rapidly evolving – and for many, keeping up without access to specialist services has become impossible.

At Matryx Managed Service, we don’t lay claim to a sixth sense. What we do offer however is independent advice, early warnings, world-first technology* and customised action plans – all designed to detect and manage security threats before they cause irreparable damage.

We provide a highly cost-effective form of security risk management, as a service to retailers, property owners, councils and many others – all grappling with threats of ever-increasing sophistication.

We can help you “predict the future” too, and here’s how:

When you should consider security risk management as a service

Sadly, security threats – ranging from customer aggression and violence to theft, fraud, corruption and terrorism – are rising.

The simple fact however is that if your organisation’s security team cannot:

  • Accurately identify the issues and understand what is working and what is not
  • Identify the gaps in security
  • Properly rate security risks and recommend the best ways to address them
  • Determine who needs to do what and when, as well document improvements
  • Track the changes in real time

you’re unlikely to be able to effectively manage risk.

In addition, the traditional approach to security is mired in the overuse of CCTV and expensive security personnel when the focus should be predicting incidents before they happen – not simply recording and responding to them.

The good news is that predicting where and when a security breach is likely to happen is now a real option for Australian businesses – and that’s where we can help.

The benefits of security risk management as a service

  • *Matryx Managed Service has exclusive access to security software provider RiskDynamyx®. Through predictive technology, the tool becomes smarter over time as it records incidents and changes to property and surroundings and puts power back into the hands of businesses
  • A pro-active approach to security to prevent security breaches that put people, property and brands at risk
  • Fewer security incidents, and a safer workplace
  • Access to a whole team of experts supporting you in making informed security decisions
  • It’s cost effective. At Matryx Managed Service we offer a single, monthly management fee with no upfront costs. This includes an onsite risk assessment

A case study – how we’ve helped one retail centre overhaul its approach to security

Damage to a business’s reputation can be extremely difficult to repair, with lengthy and costly investigations among the impacts of a serious security incident.

Despite the enormous foot traffic, many retail centres have little security preparedness for any other than low-level street crime. Local youths congregating after school hours, gang violence and knives were chief concerns at one centre we analysed.

We liaised closely with the centre’s security team before developing a suite of almost 40 detailed suggestions. These covered everything from replacement of CCTV cameras to re-arranging the layout of meeting spaces to discourage trouble-makers and overturned the centre’s passive approach to security.

Additionally – in contrast to what existed previously – comprehensive protocols around documentation of incidents allows the centre to predict and manage risk. Thorough inductions and scenario-based training have prepared security staff to a high standard while KPIs have been implemented to measure the effectiveness of the new systems – providing essential feedback within a highly professional approach.

To find out how our Matryx Managed Service can be of service to your organisation, get in touch.

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