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Community Services Risk and Security

Creating safer workplaces and spaces for all who visit and work in them.

Community Services need to deal with members of the community who have mental health issues or who may be impaired by drug or alcohol.

This can create hostile environments that require carefully considered security strategies.

Security standards for homeless shelters.

Security standards need to be created to ensure consistency across all properties.

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Safe workplace strategy required for at-risk staff.

Staff have to deal with aggressive and violent behaviours that expose them to undue risk.

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How we can help

The community services sector experiences unique and often challenging behaviours by patrons that can bring increased risk to staff and building visitors. This is because this sector is servicing an element of the community that is often disenfranchised and cannot be supported through regular clinicians and specialists.
At matryx, we understand this better than most, which is why we do so many reviews in this space.
We have had enormous success in this sector because we focus on creating cohesive security strategies that fully consider each and every element that goes into ensuring your outcome is achieved.

The key areas we assist with include:

  • Risk identification and assessment through our industry-leading security risk management platform, RiskDynamyx®
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) reviews
  • Lighting reviews
  • Security technology selection, design, engineering and procurement – including CCTV and Safe City surveillance systems
  • Occupational violence strategies
  • Security and risk strategies
  • Anti-violence strategies
  • Precinct security and safety strategies
  • Anti-social behaviour strategies (graffiti, rubbish dumping)
  • Training and behaviour awareness courses


1. How do you work collaboratively with community services groups?
We work with community groups to understand their unique challenges and then develop strategies that will suit the business and their clientele.

2. What is your approach to occupational violence?
We review the work spaces and propose measures that will reduce the risk of occupational violence. Our aim is to create safer spaces for both staff and clients.

3. Why use a security consultant for community services?
Because of our broad knowledge and experience in this sector, we have a sound understanding of what strategies are most effective.

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