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Security Risk Assessment

Drive your decision making with real data and insight.

A security risk assessment is an absolute must. Put simply, it’s the first step in any organisation’s security strategy. But the process is much less simple. It entails comprehensively capturing and analysing the right information, and translating it into informed recommendations. We’ll take care of that for you. 

Matryx brings you greater insight to your risk and security strategies, thanks to RiskDynamyx®    

We use our knowledge, data and insights from over 750 security risk assessments. We combine this with the unique capabilities and intelligence of RiskDynamyx®. It’s our bank of real-time assessment knowledge that we use for predictive security management.

RiskDynamyx® gives our assessments the edge, and our risk reports hand you the power. That’s how organisations make better security decisions.

What is a security risk assessment?

What do we typically evaluate?

Our objective is to identify exactly what is and isn’t working – today. These insights help you safeguard your property and people – tomorrow. We undertake a comprehensive assessment of risk indicators, such as:


  • Safes and cash handling areas
  • Centre Management office areas
  • Car parking and loading docks
  • Critical plant and equipment 
  • Points of concealment and potential trouble hotspots
  • Back of house service corridors and access points
  • Perimeter security and building access points


  • Visitor and contractor management
  • Incident type and history
  • Crime rates for the local environment 
  • Evidence of anti-social behaviour such as graffiti
  • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic volumes and patterns


  • Incident reporting
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluations
  • Security operations including guard deployments, work practices, standard operating procedures, rostering, minimum training requirements and licensing


  • Restricted keying systems and key management
  • Electronic security systems, intrusion detection and access control
  • Service riser access and general security
  • Bollard ratings and positioning
  • Lighting levels

The result? A comprehensive and actionable security risk report.

You’ll receive our recommendations and strategic plan for your consideration. Our reports are actionable, easy to understand, and simple for us to explain.  

We tell you what you need to know. We translate your assessment data into real-world terms, to explain where your risks are now and exactly what you need to do to remove those risks.

Our independence and expertise gives you better security decisions. 

An assessment by an independent security consultant ensures that your security practices are water-tight and working at the best possible level.

Is a security risk assessment needed for my property? 

One of the questions we’re regularly asked is “is my property suited to a security risk assessment?”  If you have any concerns about crime, staff safety, or if you work in high-risk goods or services, then your property needs a security risk assessment.

What happens after a security risk assessment? 

The next step is to decide what you do with the insights your assessment will provide. To help our clients implement recommendations and security solutions, we offer a Managed Service.    

When you engage our Matryx Managed Services to be part of your ongoing security team, we manage your risk for you.

With the aid of our industry-first application RiskDynamyx®, you have visibility of the changes to your risk profile, 24/7 – as opposed to the traditional three-yearly risk management cycle. RiskDynamyx® is a core part of how we proactively manage your security, treating risk before it happens – so you can make better security decisions. 

Ready to solve your security challenges, your way?

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