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PSIM’s Potential – Superior situational awareness

The possibilities offered by a new platform that integrates disparate building and security systems into a common management system – namely PSIM – are revealed by Luke Percy-Dove, principal consultant at Matryx Consulting.

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Security innovations bring rewards – Part 2

Consumer brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are influencing security management in a positive way through the significant take-up of smart phones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad.

CCTV software houses are recognising what can be achieved from these mobile devices and are now releasing mobile specific versions of their software.

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Security innovations bring rewards – Part 1

Most commercial buildings will have independent control systems for HVAC, Lighting, Evacuation, Personal Address, Lifts, BMS, Fire and Security. Each system will have its own dedicated controllers, data servers and workstations where events are logged and reports generated.

Unless real planning has gone into the initial procurement, they are probably also from different vendors meaning there is little if any integration between systems.

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What is PSIM?

Physical Security Information Management for your enterprise PSIM (Pee-Sim) is an acronym for Physical Security Information Management which relates to a software platform that integrates disparate building and security systems into a common command and control centre. The term PSIM is generic in much the same way as BMS is within the controls sector. As

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An enterprise approach to security and building systems integration

What is PSIM, enterprise-level security and how can it benefit your business? Matryx Security Director, Luke Percy-Dove talks about PSIM and the ability for any business to approach their security and building/business system integration and management at an enterprise level.

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Enterprise Security

Enterprise security is a term common to business but has traditionally related more to Information Technologies rather than physical security. Enterprise security combines planning, policy and procedures to not only mitigate risk in the business but to align security with business optimisation strategies. Enterprise security also has a place in the physical security space and

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