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What is PSIM?

Physical Security Information Management for your enterprise

PSIM (Pee-Sim) is an acronym for Physical Security Information Management which relates to a software platform that integrates disparate building and security systems into a common command and control centre. The term PSIM is generic in much the same way as BMS is within the controls sector.

As the name suggests, PSIM has predominantly been a physical security platform. The application was derived from a need to manage sensors from a variety of security platforms via a single user interface.

Most PSIM platforms are open architecture, meaning they can integrate virtually any make or model or type of building system or sensor. Once integrated, systems can be controlled and responses managed as if all installed systems were from a single source.

Central control of your business environment via PSIM

Once control is centralised, it allows highly structured and coordinated (often automated) responses to events (alarm or otherwise) to minimise the requirement for operator input. These responses are rules based and structured specifically around the installed environment.

Interested in return on investment for your security spend?

The upside of a PSIM deployment can be significant, particularly for multi-site or campus environments. Aside from managing security better, they also bring opportunities to generate return on investment which is something that has not traditionally been associated with security.

They can be complex to understand, so as always, if there are any questions, drop me an email and I will be happy to help you out.


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