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Security innovations bring rewards – Part 2

Consumer brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are influencing security management in a positive way through the significant take-up of smart phones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad.

CCTV software houses are recognising what can be achieved from these mobile devices and are now releasing mobile specific versions of their software.

Mobile devices are key to security innovation

From these devices, many of the traditional control room functions such as answering phone or intercom calls, viewing and controlling cameras and even remotely unlocking doors and gates can be all managed remotely.

Push notifications that are actually useful

Alarm notifications are pushed to the guard so that regardless of where they might be in a building, they have immediate access to all the information they need to respond effectively. This will include all details of the alarm event as well as live footage of the incident.

Security camera streaming in your hand

In fact, the mobile device can become an extension of the CCTV system by streaming video back to the control room and providing an “on-scene” perspective of the incident that can be archived and reviewed at a later date along with other incident related footage.

More applications and knowledge through the Cloud

Future revisions will link to Cloud applications where all archived video will also be accessible from the device. They will also include License Plate Recognition for remote entry authentication and vehicle control.

Effective resource management

For commercial buildings that employ either static or mobile security guards, these devices and associated applications bring increased operational control to the field and allow us to re-think how we use our security resources.

An ongoing guard presence is usually the single biggest security expense for any property manager and new tools such as these will help you make the most of your resources and operational budgets.

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