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Key tips to an effective counter terrorism strategy


People responsible for detecting and preventing a serious incident within an organisation need to be working to a formal counter terrorism strategy that is specific to the local environment. This will cover everything from security staff roles and responsibilities, detection methodologies and incident response and containment.

This has to be far more than just a policy document – it must be practised and tested until operational and security staff know it intimately.


Staff and security personnel need to have an understanding of what is going on in and around your facility at all times. Activities and people that are out of character with the local environment should be challenged and qualified.


Evaluate if the training that is in place today is appropriate to deal with any increased risk to the business. If not, undertake training to ensure the people that are being relied on to detect, prevent and contain a terrorism related incident are appropriately qualified to do so.


Layers are a series of security or control points where people and vehicles can be challenged or inspected as they progress though a building or facility. The implementation of layers (also known as “defence in depth”) is a strategic approach to security and is designed to protect the core assets of an organisation. The intent is that there will be multiple opportunities to detect any serious threat to the core assets of the organisation.

Time and Space

At times of heightened alert levels, the key goals are to create time and space in the event of an incident. Time allows people on the ground and emergency responders to have the best possible influence on the situation. The provision of space between staff and members of the public and the impacted area will reduce the risk to the business and to people in the immediate area.

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