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Stop wasting money and start analysing your security budget

We don’t know about you, but we object to being sold stuff we don’t need and worse still, obsolete. In the security industry, costs can soon add up. In Australia, maintaining a 24/7 security presence amounts to well over $300,000 a year – and a lot more for larger sites needing multiple guards. It pays

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Security Risk Management as a Service

What if you could predict the future? We live in a changing world. The pace has been astonishing, with some elements of our lives having changed beyond recognition in the past 20 years alone. For businesses, the nature of security threats is also rapidly evolving – and for many, keeping up without access to specialist

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Five Steps to Creating Security Contracts that Reduce Risk

Security guard in high vis

86.9% of the security contracts we’ve reviewed over the last 6 years had no form of measurement. The failings during COVID-19 of security companies and the officers tasked with monitoring returned travellers isolating in Melbourne hotels is a case in point. Read our 5-step process to avoid the same failures in contract delivery.

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Where to focus physical security management in the wake of the pandemic

Our workplaces are vastly different today, due to COVID-19 and will continue to be so for some time. The same applies to managing security of commercial properties. Business doesn’t experience less risk when people aren’t at work – just different risk, needing different security methods. What does this mean for managing risk and security in commercial properties? Where should you focus your attention in this new, fluid environment?

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Keeping Property Security Consistent During a Pandemic

Managing Property Risk and Security in a Pandemic

Businesses large and small are working through their pandemic management plans as we navigate the uncertainties of COVID-19. We’re working with our clients to ensure that the security they have in place today, will remain consistent over the course of the pandemic. This short video talks about the gaps we’re seeing, particularly for properties with security guards & the challenges with keeping security consistent.

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Why deterrence should not be part of your risk management strategy

Deterrent is a key element of security and risk management. But it’s a term that’s far too vague to base sound decisions on. Well respected people in positions of trust are caught doing things that would surprise everyone, including their families. It’s time to look at deterrence as an outcome – not the starting point.

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Does our thinking around protecting a business’s reputation need to change?

Security as we know it is changing – and taking on a far more serious tone than has been needed historically. At least in Australia anyway. So how do we manage this from a security perspective and does our thinking around protecting a business’s reputation need to change?

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Why buying time is critical to your security strategy

If I were to ask what is the most important element in any security strategy, what would that be?

– Physical barriers?
– People?
– Processes & procedures?
– Security technologies?

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Why we are changing security risk management

Last July, an existing client engaged us to design the security system for a building that was under construction. It is part of a property where we conducted a security risk assessment a few years earlier. The client was surprised when we asked to sit down with him to revisit the risk assessment process. “Why do you need to do that,” he asked? “You guys did the last risk assessment. Nothing has changed”. In fact, a lot had changed. And this is the reason we are changing the way security risk management is practised. Our new tool, which is a world first will ensure that security risk assessments are always up to date and the chances of an adverse event are minimised.

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A terror threat should now be expected in Australia

Terrorist attacks should now be expected in Australia. Are you prepared? Many organisations are not and lack the right security staff. Where to from here?

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