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The $7.99 vulnerability in your building security system

Did you know, that with access to an eBay account and the princely sum of $7.99 (plus postage and handling) you can clone an unlimited number of access cards to many buildings that have an electronic access control system installed?

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Part Two: Our CCTV findings on 4000+ cameras – What have we learnt?

Two weeks ago we revealed some key CCTV findings on over 4000 cameras we have evaluated over the last four years.

These cameras are connected to 89 separate CCTV systems of various sizes and configurations that we have been engaged to review.

In this article, we examine these 89 CCTV systems and see if they measure up against the evaluation criteria we use when we undertake CCTV reviews. The results are revealing …

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Part One: Our findings on 4000+ CCTV cameras – What have we learnt?

CCTV Research Findings

Last week Matryx reached a milestone.

Following a CCTV review of three major shopping centres in Sydney, the total number of cameras we have now evaluated passed the 4000 mark – 4023 to be exact!

In this article we will share what we have learnt from the data we have collected in the last four years – how does your building stack up?

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Our guide to security best practices in 2016

When it comes to security for bigger business and how to best manage building security in 2016, the question we most often get asked is – What are the best practices in security?

It’s not an easy question to answer off the cuff because security best practices relate to security that appropriately addresses the risk profile of the property.

Here are some tips to help your security profile stay in top shape.

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How is your duress system performing? Take this quick test

Duress systems have featured heavily in each of the risk assessments we have completed recently. The most common factor with all of them has been how poorly they have been considered being implemented. And this is a real concern.

We have developed a quick checklist to help identify what you need to do for your system to perform better.

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The convergence of security disciplines

The term “convergence” has become a bit of a buzz word in security as a result of physical security technologies becoming more akin to information security technologies and the cross over between the two disciplines.

This was always going to happen and as a result, we are seeing a noticeable shift in the global physical security market.

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Drones – What impact can they have on the security industry?

Drones are a hot topic and mostly for positive reasons.

Up until now, theDrones use of Drones have been associated with outdoor activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding or many forms of aerial photography.

As we understand the versatility of these inexpensive flying cameras, we also learn what impact they can have on the security industry.

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Security Industry 2015 – What should we expect?

As businesses strive to create efficiencies and improved return on investment (ROI) against their physical security spend, we are seeing a subtle shift away from traditional security practices such as patrols and alarm response services.

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