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Why a security risk assessment can be a good idea

iStock_000017169178Small-300x199The purpose of physical  security should be to address the risks of a property. It is not only logical but regarded as best practice.  So before we make any recommendations to a client about what security they may need, we must first identify what their risks are.

We do this by undertaking a Security Risk Assessment of their property.

This is a very formal process that follows the ISO 31000 process for risk management. During this process, every facet of a property is audited from a security and risk perspective to understand if the security in place is appropriate or not. We look at everything from door locks all the way through to security related policies and procedures. It is a process than can take a week or more on large properties. On completion, the client will be presented with a lengthy document that details the risk profile of their property and the recommended security improvements.

We were engaged recently to assist a client who had experienced a series of intrusions that had caused significant disruption to their business.

Risk Assessments identify and improve

The risk assessment process is designed to not only identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement, it should also challenge convention. We question pretty much everything that can impact the security of the premises and the safety of their people.

Efficient use of Security Patrols and Alarms

During the risk assessment process, we identified that our client was spending $10,000 a year for alarm response services. This was as a result of their alarm system needlessly activating 5 or 6 times a week and security procedures dictated a security patrol attend every alarm activation.

While we endorse the security response procedure, if this is happening so often and at such great expense, there is a problem somewhere. Interestingly, the client had assumed this was somewhat normal as “it had always been like that”.

Are you asking the right questions of your security?

This is not an uncommon issue. If you don’t understand how security should work for you, how would you know otherwise? In larger organisations, these sorts of things are often never challenged because they are just assumed to be normal operating expenses.

I can confidently say there is nothing normal about annual patrol bills of that size or alarm systems that alarm so frequently. So while we look for vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement, the commercial impact to the business must also be considered.

We won’t just find the issues, we’ll help you solve them too

The review process not only identifies issues such as these, it explains to the client exactly what needs to be done to overcome them.

It highlights just one advantage of having an independent expert review a business’s security practices and procedures.

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