Matryx are trusted by some of Australia’s top companies – big and small.  We are recognised for our open, flexible, transparent and strategic approach to security planning and development.

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“Luke has designed solutions and systems to many of Australia’s leading corporations. Luke is considered as a leader in the industry and has proven over many years to be an outstanding security consultant.”

Glen McCluskey | Director Projects | KDR Pty Ltd

“Matryx Consulting have conducted 2 pieces for work for Hume City Council: developing and testing the Sunbury Town Centre CCTV system and also conducting a security risk assessment for the Broadmeadows Community Hub. In both cases Matryx always delivered the agreed outcomes on time, in budget and as specified. They were particularly helpful with regard to the services provided for the CCTV project as this was an area where Council had not had significant prior experience with the use of CCTV.  Matryx’s strength in delivering the outcomes we were seeking lay in two key areas. Firstly their ability to understand the governance and approval process requirements of working in Local Government and secondly, their ability to engage both effectively and efficiently with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that the recommended outcomes would be fit for purpose.In both these projects delivered for Hume City Council, Matryx demonstrated a professional and considered approach.”

Felicity Leahy | Manager Social Development
| Hume City Council

“Luke’s services were critical in establishing security requirements specific to our client. Luke’s involvement in our project ensured that once complete, the entire security package was catered for and completed with minimal fuss.”

– Paul Maric | Project Engineer | Downer Australia

“The Wagga Wagga City Council was looking to implement a significant public CCTV project that encompassed the two (2) main streets within the central business district (CBD). I was tasked with the project management and with limited experience Council sought quotations for companies that could provide the technical expert advice to ensure a successful outcome. From this process Council select Matryx Consulting and Luke Percy-Dove became Council’s technical consultant.

I found Luke’s down to earth technical knowledge and advice essential in ensuring Council made an informed decision in the selection of a solution that would best meet the needs of the city. Luke was always approachable and knowledgeable as he answered the myriad of questions that came his way. Luke developed the technical specifications for release with our tender documents and provided technical evaluation on the responses received.

The project to date would not have been as successful without the expert advice Council received from Luke.”

Michael Schmid | City of Wagga Wagga

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