Security Solutions Design

We have more that 20+ years experience working with government and business in designing physical security solutions and security management plans. All our designs are customised to suit your organisation and tailored to meet your specific environmental and operational requirements.

From concept to tender

Security is our core business so we have an excellent understanding of technical specifications, which meet Australian standards.

We know what your project should cost, so your budget is secure.

Our designs are always site-specific, so you will always get a security solution that will work best for you, your employees, your visitors, your brand and your bottom line.

Whether you need a security management system designed to integrate into your current IT infrastructure or something less tech-heavy, our security consultants can guide you so you get what you need for the outcome you want to achieve.

The result is a conceptual design with an estimated project time frame and budget.

Once the design is agreed, we can prepare the tender documentation with detailed technical specifications and drawings. This is a critical stage – tender documents need to be clear and specific so that tendering contractors understand the scope of the project and what you want to achieve. We have drawn up hundreds of tenders and know how to write them.

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