Security Implementation and Management

This service helps you find the best people for the job.

Our experience means that we know how to identify real value for you, not just a lower price.

We measure all proposals against industry standards to confirm that each proposal meets our brief and then based on the selections received from your tender submissions, we will advise which will best suit your needs. However, we are not affiliated with any particular suppliers and therefore will never push you to take up a particular contractor, system or technology.


We can also act as your project manager during installation and beyond. This means you won’t need to keep on top of the technical aspects of your security management and system installation and you can be rest assured that your new security management system is deployed to the brief, on time and on budget.

More importantly, we’ll test your system before we sign off on the project so you know you’re getting what you paid for.

Our Warranty

Defects and follow-up checks

The completion of your security system installation isn’t the end of the job. Most contracts have clauses regarding post-installation works. These could include routine maintenance, software/data backups, system updates or training. We follow up with you at 6-monthly and 12-monthly intervals to ensure that there aren’t any glitches further down the track. This isn’t an extra: It’s simply part of our service for any project.

For you, this means that we take total accountability for the security contractor and our management of your project. It also means that we stick around during the teething period that often is part of deploying new technologies.


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