Security Consulting Services & Assessment

Our job is to take the worry out of planning, designing and implementing security systems and all the associated technology and processes.

The Matryx security consulting services can help you and your business with all facets of security including:

  • Providing a comprehensive and detailed assessment (before designing a security solution):
  • Preparing the associated technical specifications for tender;
  • Project managing the installation; and
  • Creating and writing your site-specific emergency management plans, security policies and procedures (so you’re covered under Australian workplace safety legislation).

In fact, we do everything except the installation.

Talk to us about:

Security Risk Assessments:  Gain a clear understanding of where your security risks and threats are.

System Design:  Receive a concept design with a realistic cost estimate for budgeting.

Network Design:  Use robust IT infrastructure to boost operational efficiency and save money over the long term.

Security Analytics:  Transform your security data into business intelligence you can use to create real improvements in your everyday operations.

System Integration (PSIM):  Integrate commercial building systems (lights, energy, security, lifts and so on) into one easy-to-manage interface.

Our Service Warranty:  Give yourself complete peace of mind knowing that Matryx security consultants will ensure your implementation is on track 12 months later.

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