CCTV Surveillance and Design

CCTV design involves the strategic implementation of CCTV at your place of business. Since it is one the primary ways of detecting security breaches, correct installation is of the utmost importance.

The CCTV market is saturated with thousands of different products and often they will all seem capable of doing the job. However, designing the best CCTV framework and choosing the best camera for the job are fundamental in achieving the most from your surveillance system.

Without identifying what you want your cameras to capture, you could end up choosing the wrong camera, installed in areas that miss vital information.

At Matryx, we consult with you to create the best possible CCTV design for your business.

By identifying what it is you want to achieve from your CCTV surveillance, we can help you choose the right equipment and strategic placement of each camera, giving you the best results.

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