Seeking your opinion – commercial security white paper

If we have Security strategylearnt anything over the last few years, it is that the local landscape is changing in relation to the risks and threats to our businesses.

Keeping our people safe and our properties secure has never been more complex or challenging.

We are in the process of writing a whitepaper that will cover what is considered best practice for securing a commercial property in 2015.

It will be quite comprehensive and will address all aspects of security from the latest technologies to policies and procedures as well as guards and patrols.

Whitepapers are about educating and providing information that the reader would not normally know or consider. Our first whitepaper – Safe City CCTV for Local Councils was written after learning exactly what councils wanted to know before installing CCTV in their local area.

We are currently conducting research and interviews with key security executives on this topic.

If you have experience and knowledge you would like to impart, we would like to hear from you.

Or if you would like to make a suggestion on what you would like to see included in the whitepaper, please drop an email to

The whitepaper will be available as a free download from the Matryx website when completed later this year.

About the author

Luke Percy-Dove

Luke is one of the most respected and highly regarded Security Advisers and Security Design Consultants in Australia and has been a trusted key player in the security industry for more than two decades, delivering security solutions for hundreds of businesses and organisations nationally.