Managed Security Services

Matryx Managed Security Services is an extension of our consulting services offering and takes our projects through to the completion of the defects liability period and beyond.

We believe that just because a new installation has been completed it doesn’t necessarily mean the project, or our work, is finished. Most contracts will have clauses that stipulate some level of works are to be undertaken post-installation. This could include routine maintenance, software and data backups, additional training or even system updates.

As a result, it’s likely there will be scheduled maintenance to coordinate, service personnel to manage, and we like to be sure our projects go to plan by following up with 6 and 12 monthly operational checks of the entire installation. Just to be sure.

It’s not an extra. It’s all part of our service.

It means total accountability, for us and the installing contractor. It means we want to be sure you are delighted with your new security solution and that it works as we said it would.

“Just because the installation is complete, it doesn’t mean the project is finished…”

It means we will be around to help you get through the teething period that often comes with the deployment of new  technologies.

Once the project has been completed, we can continue to stay involved if you need us.

Matryx Consulting can provide the ongoing technical and operational support that is often required with the deployment of new systems and processes.

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