Security Industry 2015 – What should we expect?

What-to-expect-in-2015-Article-150x150-2As businesses strive to create efficiencies and improved return on investment (ROI) against their physical security spend, we are seeing a subtle shift away from traditional security practices such as patrols and alarm response services.

These services are often hard to qualify in terms of the client benefits but are still seen as a necessary operating expense for many businesses, particularly multi-site or local government organisations.

This shift has coincided with the continuing development of security technologies and in particular, the improved price competiveness of mainstream security solutions such as CCTV.

The true cost of security technologies is coming down as a direct result of the increased demand for product. There are more manufacturers with larger product ranges that are heavily influenced by ongoing improvements in electronics and computer processing.

In 2015, we are going to see the continuing evolution of security technologies and their ability to not only secure our premises, but also to create opportunities for process improvement which in turn will save business money. The new year will also bring:

  • Improved Choice – there are now more than 4000 different models of CCTV cameras on sale in Australia. This has directly impacted the price point of cameras while many are available with improved features such as video motion detection (VMD) and analytics.
  • Better Information – consumer technologies such as smart phones and tablets provide the ability to remotely monitor our premises regardless of where we are in the world. They allow us to confirm alarm events in real-time and reduce or eliminate the need altogether for response services which are mostly pointless and ultimately costly.
  • Smarter Integration – solutions such as Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) are starting to have an impact in the commercial space, particularly in universities and office towers. These solutions were limited to high-security facilities just a few short years ago but are fast becoming more mainstream. Where compliance and policy enforcement is important, PSIM will be the buzz word of the year.

About the author

Luke Percy-Dove

Luke is one of the most respected and highly regarded Security Advisers and Security Design Consultants in Australia and has been a trusted key player in the security industry for more than two decades, delivering security solutions for hundreds of businesses and organisations nationally.