Physical Security Management Information (PSIM)

Matryx – Improving Business Outcomes through PSIM (Physical Security Information Management)

Most commercial buildings will have independent control systems for HVAC, Lighting, Evacuation, Personal Address, Lifts, BMS, Fire and Security. Each system will have its own dedicated controllers, data servers and workstations where events are logged and reports are generated.

Unless real planning has gone into the initial procurement, they are probably from different vendors meaning there is little, if any, integration between systems.

A new software application can provide a means of linking and synthesising these different building control systems without throwing out what you have and starting again.

PSIM (Physical Security Management Information) is an information software platform that integrates a variety of security data into one centralised command and control system. It is a generic term in much the same way BMS is used in the controls industry.

PSIM is now emerging as an application that can bring its unique benefits to the commercial property sector. In the commercial space, PSIM is used to build relationships between building control systems and events in ways that have not previously been possible.

In PSIM, a natural relationship is created between these events so that alerts can be generated as soon as it becomes clear that something that should not have happened has happened. As events escalate, so can the actions of the PSIM with alerts to key personnel, public broadcast and even social media updates as part of pre-programmable responses.

PSIM can also incorporate standard operating procedures, policies and competencies (client specific) to form rules around alarm events and to aid in the enforcement a buildings risk management strategy.

PSIM brings greater operational control and situational awareness to building management. These applications also provide opportunities for operational savings as building control can be simplified, monitoring and reporting streamlined and activities measured.

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