Matryx security consultants have consulted to dozens of businesses involving hundreds of commercial and industrial properties across Australia.

Our portfolio of work spans across a wide and diverse range of industries and businesses including:

  • Property Groups: Over the last 24 months, we have worked with 12 of the major property groups in Australia. We have performed security risk assessments and security reviews for shopping centres, hospitals, financial institutions, manufacturing facilities, high-security facilities and data centres.
  • Commercial Buildings: To date we have reviewed over 235 commercial buildings across Melbourne Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra as well as many regional centres.
  • Schools, Universities and Tafe’s: We have worked with many of the major educational facilities in both Melbourne and Sydney.
  • Data Centres: In the last 12 months we have reviewed 5 of the major data centres in Australia and have overseen the security requirements for two new facilities.
  • Councils: We have consulted to over 20 councils across Australia.
  • Government Agencies: We have recently completed a review of several agencies including the Royal Australian Mint and the NSW Department of Industry.
  • Other businesses and industries have included – Utilities, logistics, precious metal refining and social services.

Below are examples of some of our most recent work:

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