Outsourced Management

Put the Risk on Us

The biggest challenges in managing the security of people and property are staying ahead of risk and knowing that the treatments you have in place today, will be effective tomorrow.

As an owner or manager of commercial property and its people, how do you:

  • identify gaps in your existing security management practices?
  • measure the effectiveness of existing physical security solutions, such as security guards?
  • know if existing security measures are cost effective?
  • know how to best respond to incidents and deal with change?
  • assess risk in-between cyclical security risk assessments?
  • benchmark your security operations against industry best-practice?
  • predict and prevent, as opposed to repair and replace?

We can help you do just that.

Imagine bringing best-practice physical security to your team, without the overhead of in-house security resources.

Independent physical security expertise without the overhead

Our Matryx Managed Service gives you:

  • Unlimited, independent expertise to guide your physical security management
  • Access to RiskDynamyx® – our physical security management software that continually assesses your property risk profile, 24/7.

With our expert security team managing your property, you’ll have:

  • Pro-active recommendations for new treatments to get ahead of risk
  • Advice on best-practice security operations for your industry
  • Recommendations for security budget allocation for the most effective outcomes
  • Unlimited online support

Powered by RiskDynamyx® , our physical security management software, you’ll have:

  • Visibility of your property risk rating everyday, 24/7
  • Access to an easy-to-use dashboard to see alerts, input incidents and updates, from any device
  • Automatic, colour-coded alerts when risk changes
  • Updates to your risk profile from environmental changes, such as your local area
  • Updates to terrorism alerts
  • Scheduled management reports

Why Matryx Managed Service?

That’s easy.

  • Australia’s leading security consultants, providing ongoing advice and direction on your security risk management. We can also lead:
    • Recruiting, vetting and training of employees
    • Write standard operating procedures (SOP)
    • Management of contractor procurement and oversight
    • Contract management
  • Australian made, world first technology, RiskDynamyx® – our physical security management software that continually assesses your unique risk profile with:
    • Local and global environmental and crime data
    • Google mapping and points of interest (POI)
    • Unique scoring and algorithm applicable to your property and your local environment
    • Adherence to ISO 31000 standard for risk management
    • Secure data hosting in Australia with Microsoft Azure, a government certified provider

Getting Started

That’s easy too.

  1. An on-site risk assessment of your property/properties is undertaken.
  2. We give you an initial a PSTARR (Physical Security Threat Assessment Risk Rating).
  3. Your first report has recommendations for improvement.
  4. We create your unique algorithm to continually monitor your security risk through the RiskDynamyx platform.
  5. We monitor for shifts including crime rates, changes in your neighbourhood, and the National Terrorism Threat Alert system.
  6. You can see real time updates in your personal dashboard, from any browser.
  7. Every month we ask you to record any differences that may affect your rating, such as security improvements, reports of incidents, and changes to the use of your property.
  8. Every quarter you will receive a report that details any movements on your PSTARR score.
  9. If additional security measures are required, we will tell you exactly what they are and why.
  10. Our in-house security manager is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

how does it work

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of commercial organisations such as local councils, property groups and community services, single or multi-properties. Whether you have a team in-place, or limited resources managing your security, our Matryx Managed Service is designed to work with whatever resources you have today.


We offer a single, monthly management fee, with no upfront costs, which includes your on-site assessment risk assessment. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you manage your property and people.

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