Enterprise Security

Enterprise security is a term common to business but has traditionally related more to Information Technologies rather than physical security.

Enterprise security combines planning, policy and procedures to not only mitigate risk in the business but to align security with business optimisation strategies. Enterprise security also has a place in the physical security space and is applied using similar principles.

In fact, when security is integrated at enterprise level, it can start to generate return on investment (ROI) as opposed to being the traditional cost centre we have known it to be. There are tremendous advantages for looking past what a traditional security system looks like and considering it to being more of a business tool.

For example, these days we can integrate security systems not only with CCTV and alarms, but also:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll
  • BMS & Lighting (to take advantage of the available energy savings)
  • Evacuation systems
  • Fire and other traditional building systems

With the emergence of solutions such as PSIM, security is positioning itself as the lead application in gaining operational efficiencies, greater policy enforcement and increased situational awareness across the enterprise.

For large or multi-site organisations, this can mean efficiency gains and cost savings for a variety of business units.


About the author

Luke Percy-Dove

Luke is one of the most respected and highly regarded Security Advisers and Security Design Consultants in Australia and has been a trusted key player in the security industry for more than two decades, delivering security solutions for hundreds of businesses and organisations nationally.