Grants Assistance – Council CCTV Projects

Most council CCTV projects start with an application for funding from either a state or federal government body.

To satisfy the requirements of the grants application, specific information on the scope of the project must be provided by the council to the funding body. Without an understanding of the security industry and associated technology, this can be quite difficult.

Typically, grant applications will need to detail the number of cameras required and their proposed locations within the community with an associated rationale for decisions made and costs involved.

This is the first step in the project, but is an important one, as without funding approval a Council CCTV project is unlikely to proceed.

Matryx specialise in preparing the required documentation for council funding applications and will include drawings that will clearly detail camera numbers and their recommended locations.

Australian Security/CCTV Grants

Public Safety Infrastructure Fund

Suburban Crime Prevention Grant

Western Australia
Community Crime Prevention Fund
Community Safety Fund

South Australia
Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grant

Northern Territory
Family Safe Environment Fund

New South Wales
Community Building Partnership

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