Wagga Wagga City Council CCTV – Case Study

Wagga WaggaWagga Wagga Case Study (PDF 106KB)

The rural city of Wagga Wagga is located just over 400 kilometres south west of Sydney and is regarded as New South Wale’s largest inland city. It is home to more than sixty three thousand permanent residents as well as a high transient population due to its central location between Sydney and Melbourne.

Matryx Consulting has been engaged by the city of Wagga Wagga to undertake the design and documentation of a digital surveillance system for the city centre. Wagga Wagga has issues with street violence and believes the installation of a CCTV system will help local Police and council achieve their main objectives which are:

  • Identify trouble makers and assist Police with gaining prosecutions
  • Reduce the level of physical violence in Wagga Wagga
  • Improve the perception of safety within the main city area
  • Encourage the local community to frequent the city area
  • Provide Police with live viewing capability that will allow them to monitor designated ‘hot‐spots’ as resources allow
  • Make the city of Wagga Wagga a better place to live

The Wagga Wagga CCTV or surveillance system will be one of the largest for a regional centre and is expected to cost up to $1M by the time the project is completed in late 2014. The system will consist of more than seventy high‐resolution cameras that will be capable of facial recognition and number plate capture under any conditions.

To achieve this, cameras will be strategically placed at key intersections, as well as in close proximity to communal meeting points such as pubs and clubs, restaurants and take away venues. Part of the project will also provide comprehensive coverage of the cities three main taxi ranks to provide increased security for late night patrons.

Violence in and around these taxi ranks has been an ongoing issue with contract security staff deployed to two of the three ranks after hours.

The Wagga Wagga CCTV cameras will be linked by an extensive wireless network that will terminate at the Wagga Wagga Police Station where the cameras can be viewed live and the recorded data stored.