Tablelands Regional Council Case Study

Tablelands Regional CouncilTablelands Case Study (PDF 126KB)

The Tablelands Regional Council in Queensland oversees 11 town centres and some 64,000 square kilometres of land area making it one of the larger councils in Australia.

Matryx Consulting has been selected by the council to undertake the design of a networked CCTV system. The initial design will see cameras located in the central business district of Mareeba, and will include a networked video recorder and wireless communications links to allow remote monitoring from within the Mareeba Police Station.

The system has been designed so that regional towns such as Atherton, Herberton, Kuranda and Malanda could at any time be integrated into the surveillance network. The purpose for this is so that monitoring can be centralised to provide coverage of all cameras on the network from Mareeba, or any other location within the district.

The purpose of the CCTV system is to help combat anti‐social behavior which had been identified as one of the more pressing issues across the entire district.

Mareeba was selected as the highest priority for the new cameras due to ongoing incidents around the town Cenotaph. The immediate area of the Cenotaph had been subjected to vandalism and burglaries of local retailers so the priority was to saturate this area with CCTV coverage. The aim being to provide Police with high‐resolution imagery that would aid in the identification of the offenders.

Matryx Consulting undertook preliminary modelling as part of the design process to enable council members to have a thorough understanding of camera locations and their respective fields of view before any equipment is actually installed.

The project has been to public tender and was recently awarded to a local contractor.