Sunbury City Council CCTV – Case Study

SunburySunbury Safe-City CCTV Case Study (PDF 131KB)

Matryx Consulting has been engaged by Hume City Council to undertake the design and documentation of a Safe‐City CCTV system for the city of Sunbury, Victoria.

Sunbury is located 40 kilometres north west of the Melbourne central business district and is home to more than 30,000 residents. The requirement for CCTV to be deployed to the Sunbury city centre began with a funding pledge by a local government minister during the previous election campaign.

Sunbury is a clean, well presented community hub that experiences anti‐social behavior typical of most Australian towns and cities. Most of the incidents that require Police attendance are associated with the entertainment precinct where there are a number of pubs, clubs and restaurants in a relatively small area.

The purpose of the CCTV deployment was to provide local Police with an investigate and evidentiary tool that could be used to identify persons post incident. As with most small communities, the locals are well known to each other so it was decided that good quality CCTV coverage in the identified “hot‐spots” would prove invaluable.

With the project outcomes clear, we set about designing a CCTV system that would provide the level of coverage required with sufficient detail to identify the persons involved in any incidents. We also took into consideration the future requirements of Hume City Council by incorporating not only system expansion capabilities into the design but also public‐space Wi‐Fi which can be added later.

It was decided that the Video Management System (VMS) would be hosted at the Sunbury Police Station. This was to simplify the management of the system and is typical of most public space CCTV systems. A point‐to‐point dedicated wireless network was included in the design that would send data from the 20 fixed CCTV cameras back to the police station.

Post tender, we were also involved in the evaluation of the submissions from a technical and compliance perspective.

The contract was completed in late 2013.