Maitland City Council Case Study

Maitland City Council Case Study

Maitland City Council Case Study (PDF 233KB)

The city of Maitland is located approximately 160 kilometres north of Sydney in the lower Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.

In mid 2013, Matryx Consulting was engaged by Maitland City Council to undertake a review of a council premises that was a constant target for intrusions. The brief was to review existing security technologies and practices and to make recommendations on how to harden the depot facility and reduce the risk of loss.

The issues experienced by Maitland Council are common to many councils and utility providers that secure vehicles and tools in large, open compounds. The electronic security measures in place were detecting the intrusions, but typically only as the offenders were leaving the premises. This meant that patrol responses were unable to have a positive impact on events because they always arrived post incident and after the intruders had left site.

A comprehensive review was undertaken that identified weaknesses in several areas that needed to be addressed. Not only were the existing security technologies evaluated for their suitability, but so was the alarm patrol service and all associated operational procedures.

Part of the recommendations was to add another layer of intrusion detection to support the extensive perimeter beam system. CCTV including video motion detection was to provide coverage of all key entry points and the compound in general. This would provide the client with not only the ability to detect intrusions, but to also verify events remotely.

This was an important criteria in having the recommended improvements funded. A service provider was contracted to provide real-time remote monitoring of the CCTV system that would ensure the capital works would pay for themselves over time. By initiating remote monitoring, they could reduce the need for guard attendances by more than 90%, saving the council many thousands of dollars in the process.