Hobart City Council Case Study

Hobart Council CentreHobart City Council Case Study (PDF 102KB)

Matryx Consulting has been awarded a contract to undertake a security risk assessment and redesign of electronic security at the Hobart City Council Centre, Tasmania.

The Council Centre is a major CBD property that was constructed between 1920 and 1940 and was previously owned and occupied by the Hydro Electric Commission. The building was designed in a way that would promote air ventilation and was subsequently constructed as a series of interconnected wings.

This presents many challenges from a safety and security perspective for Council staff and visitors because of the poor entrance control mechanisms in place as a result of the floor plan. While Hobart City Council occupies the majority of the 7 story building, there are a number of separate tenancies that also have to be considered.

The risk assessment showed that pedestrian control was the single biggest factor to maintaining building security. Once identified, we then went about trying to overcome the architectural and structural challenges that the property presents.

The recommendations included the re‐positioning of lift lobby doors to provide a space the public could enter, but with designated control points that would be difficult to breach without the proper credentials. These would be secured with electronic access control and monitored by an expanded and enhanced digital CCTV system.

The Council Centre is the primary location for residents to pay rates, fines and permit fees so as part of the risk assessment we also addressed cash storage and handling procedures. Complimentary to this was ensuring customer service staff were appropriately trained in hold‐up procedures.

The recommendations made by Matryx are being implemented during the current refurbishment program and were completed in late 2013.