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What’s The Best CCTV Camera Form Factor?

What is the best and most useful CCTV camera form factor for typical applications? Is it the dome camera, the bullet, the turret, the PTZ or a species of wide-angle camera? CCTV cameras come in all shapes and sizes, with some specifications tending to guarantee they won’t be able to support some professional applications. Read more

Can Low Cost CCTV Cameras Offer High Quality Performance?

Across many applications there are hundreds of thousands of low-cost CCTV cameras being installed. The question for end users and integrators, too, is whether this is a problem, or whether some affordable cameras can meet a testable minimum standard when it comes to operational requirements. Read here

Selecting CCTV Cameras & Lenses

For integrators and end users, selecting appropriate video surveillance cameras and lenses for a given application throws up serious challenges.
Read Here

On why the ban of Chinese products cannot be justified

The recent security concerns about Chinese products raised by the American government have left the industry divided in terms of opinion. Read Here

How Effective Are Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Bollards?

Keeping pedestrians safe from motor vehicle attacks has never been more important or challenging, argues security consultant, Luke Percy-Dove. While the typical response from authorities has been to install bollards of various types, are bollards effective at keeping people safe?… Read Here

Defending High Security Applications: Integration Isn’t Everything

One of the greatest challenges for any consultant, integrator or security manager is defending high security applications, particularly locations which are not purpose built or that must retain areas that face the public. Read Here

What commercial property owners need to know about Terrorism

Luke Percy-Dove talks to Sourceable about the things property owners need to consider when evaluating the risk of terrorism and the potential impact it can have on a business. Read Here

There’s much more to electronic security than CCTV

It’s easy to forget that video surveillance is only part of the security manager’s operational matrix – without the support of additional systems and effective procedures, CCTV cameras are reduced to the role of investigative tools – useful but not able to inform security staff in real time, writes Luke Percy-Dove for the July edition of the Security & Electronics Network Magazine.  Read Here

Luke Percy-Dove comments on the latest security card hacking scam

Card ScamsFollowing an expose by A Current Affair on a card hacking scammer who is running a business duplicating building access key cards and fobs in return for cash, Luke Percy-Dove is interviewed on the risks involved and how laws around card scams need to change. Watch video now

Integrated security systems

logo-fmTechnology is having an enormous impact on our lives. It is changing how we work, how we socialise and how we communicate, and the commercial building space is no different. In this article for FM Magazine, Luke Percy-Dove examines the impact security has on building operations.