Mobile duress devices – Safety watch

Category: Latest Security Technologies

The next generation of these devices are now coming to market with a much higher level of intelligence.

What the manufacturers are doing now is adopting the principle first explored by Dick Tracy in 1946 and more recently by Apple, by making 2-way communications wearable in the form of a duress smart watch.

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The convergence of security disciplines

Category: Physical & Electronic Security

The term “convergence” has become a bit of a buzz word in security as a result of physical security technologies becoming more akin to information security technologies and the cross over between the two disciplines.

This was always going to happen and as a result, we are seeing a noticeable shift in the global physical security market.

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Innovative use of CCTV – Latest Porsche billboard

Category: CCTV Surveillance

In May this year, we provided an example of how CCTV in conjunction with facial recognition technology was being used to heighten awareness of domestic violence.

To demonstrate the versatility that CCTV can bring to business, here is another example of billboard advertising by luxury sports car manufacturer, Porsche.

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Security Risk Assessment – 5 Signs that you may need a second opinion

Category: Security Risk Assessments

The accepted best practice for identifying risk is through the undertaking of a security risk assessment.

The risk assessment process is tightly structured to ensure that all visible risk is identified. Once completed, the risk assessment will shine a light on where risks exist, allowing you to put a strategy in place to mitigate those risks.

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Thermal cameras and their uses

Category: Latest Security Technologies

Applications for thermal CCTV cameras don’t come up all that often. Firstly, because they can be very expensive – costing in excess of $10,000. Also, because the applications for them are not fully understood or appreciated.

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How real is the risk of terrorism to Australian businesses?

Category: Counter-Terrorism

If we take a broad look Terrorism and Australian businessesat the trends that have shaped Australia, many will have originated from overseas. This can apply to nearly every facet of our daily lives – from how and where we shop, to the music we listen to and the clothes we wear. Even many of our manufacturing and business processes have been influenced by overseas trends.

So it is only reasonable to assume that from a crime perspective, we can anticipate what topics and issues will be visiting our shores by looking abroad.

Right now, it’s terrorism.

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Secure mobile communications – Is our data secure?

Category: Latest Security Technologies

In manman-talking-on-smartphoney businesses, as much effort is put into securing sensitive information as it is into keeping our people and property safe and secure.

Keeping our data protected is of critical importance for any number of reasons.

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Drones – What impact can they have on the security industry?

Category: Counter-Terrorism, Latest Security Technologies, Physical & Electronic Security

Drones are a hot topic and mostly for positive reasons.

Up until now, theDrones use of Drones have been associated with outdoor activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding or many forms of aerial photography.

As we understand the versatility of these inexpensive flying cameras, we also learn what impact they can have on the security industry.

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Seeking your opinion – commercial security white paper

Category: Security Consulting

If we have Security strategylearnt anything over the last few years, it is that the local landscape is changing in relation to the risks and threats to our businesses.

Keeping our people safe and our properties secure has never been more complex or challenging.

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Domestic violence billboard UK uses facial recognition technology

Category: Latest Security Technologies

In the last newsletter, we spoke of how facial recognition technologies have evolved and how they are being applied with good results in the commercial world.
Specifically, we spoke of their use in major shopping centres and how they can be adopted to track and monitor peoples activities.

Facial recognition can be used in a whole range of non-security applications.

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