Luke Percy-Dove

Independent Physical Security Consultant
Counter-Terrorism Security Adviser
Critical Infrastructure Security Adviser
CPTED Expert
Founder – RiskDynamyx

Luke is one of the most respected and highly regarded Security Advisers and Security Design Consultants in Australia.

He has been a trusted key player in the security industry for more than two decades, delivering security solutions for hundreds of businesses and organisations nationally.

He is a recognised expert in crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and is known for taking environmental, procedural and technological factors into consideration for any security solution.

Luke also has a special interest in counter-terrorism security.  He is an established writer and commentator in the security field and on the latest technology trends and developments in the physical security space.

Luke has authored many articles including an expert white paper on Safe City CCTV for local councils which has been widely distributed across the local government community in Australia.

Throughout his career, Luke has held senior security advisory positions within national organisations, consulting firms and niche organisations and was the lead consultant for the design and delivery of a networked IP-based CCTV solution for the QV precinct in Melbourne [the redeveloped Queen Victoria Women’s Hospital shopping district and laneways], as well as Mildura Safe City CCTV Project, Ballarat Gold Mine, Port of Melbourne Authority and the Department of Housing.

Luke has been contracted to provide security services and advice to national and international clients such as ANZ Bank, Hewlett Packard, Shell, Lend Lease, Vodafone, Esso, Jones Lang LaSalle as well as universities such as the Melbourne Business School, as well as Schools and Councils across Australia.

He holds qualifications in Electronics, Security and Risk Management and Technology and numerous other certifications and is also a Certified Counter-Terrorism Security Adviser.

Luke authors his own blog which is aimed at educating anyone interested in improving their security knowledge or wanting to stay informed on the latest developments in the physical space. He is also a regular contributor to FM Magazine and ASIAL and has been a keynote speaker for many security conferences across the country.

In 2017 he launched RiskDynamyx – the world’s first cloud application for security risk assessments.

Most of all, Luke is passionate about security and it is this passion that differentiates him and the valuable service he strives to deliver through Matryx.

The Matryx Consulting business ethics are founded on five guiding principles:

  • Act with Integrity
  • Be Transparent
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Be Respectful
  • Share Knowledge

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