Below are just a few examples of recent security consulting projects where Matryx has been engaged to provide innovative security solutions to our clients.

Box Hill Hospital

box-hill-hospital-1Box Hill Hospital has been servicing the eastern suburbs of Melbourne since 1956.

Originally designed in 1949, it is now part of the Eastern Health network and is one of seven hospitals under their control.

Box Hill Hospital is currently undergoing a significant redevelopment with a ne w building under construction on land adjacent to the existing hospital. When completed in mid 2014, the new hospital will have an additional 200 beds and a raft of new services available to the local community.

The existing hospital will be retained and some floors refurbished as part of the $400M project. To help facilitate integration between the new and old buildings, Matryx was engaged to undertake a review of all security systems and processes associated with the existing hospital.

The security systems associated with the old hospital combine both old and new technologies that have been expanded and changed many times in the life of the hospital.

Our brief was to evaluate and document the existing access control, CCTV and duress systems and their interfaces as well as advise on what systems should be retained and what should be replaced. We will also make recommendations in relation to CCTV technologies and camera placement, ensuring that the existing systems will integrate seamlessly with the systems being deployed to the new hospital.

Wannon Water

Wannon-Water-MatryxWannon Water is Victoria’s second largest regional urban water corporation. They are a major employer in south-west Victoria, employing just over 200 operational, engineering, financial, environmental and administrative employees

Wannon Water control and manage a significant amount of critical infrastructure which is spread across many remote locations throughout the western district.

Matryx Consulting has been engaged by Wannon Water to undertake the design of a networked CCTV system that will help secure their corporate headquarters in Warrnambool and provide greater control and security across the broader Wannon Water network.

The CCTV system will become a major part of their corporate risk management strategy and will include key features that will be provide operational gains as well as enhanced security.

SCA Hygiene – Melbourne

SCA_Hygiene_Box_Hill_SouthSCA Hygiene is a multi-national organisation that specialises in the manufacture and distribution of paper products for the consumer market.  Their facilities are located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Matryx security consultants were awarded the contract to undertake a security risk assessment and to provide upgrade recommendations for their 15 hectare site in Box Hill, Victoria.

The site presents many challenges due to its large footprint and because its perimeter is very difficult to secure from an intrusion perspective.  Due to the nature of the facility, theft is not a major concern but OH&S exposure from unauthorised visitors is and has been a major focus of the security review.

Tablelands Regional Council – Northern Queensland

Tablelands-Matryx-ProjectThe Tablelands Regional Council oversees 11 town centres and some 64,000 square kilometres of land area making it one of the largest council in Australia. Matryx Consulting was selected by the council to undertake the design of a networked CCTV system. The design saw cameras located in the central business district of Mareeba and includes a networked video recorder and wireless communications links to allow remote monitoring from within the Mareeba Police Station.

Woollahra Municipal Council – Sydney

welcome-to-gap-park-lolGap Park is one of Sydney’s most spectacular tourist destinations with locals and tourist groups alike enjoying the magnificent views on offer. Sadly, Gap Park has a somewhat notorious reputation as well.

Matryx Consulting was selected to provide technical and design expertise for stage 3 of the Gap Park CCTV system expansion.

The upgraded system included a level of intelligence to allow operators and Police real-time access to alarm events and to very quickly and efficiently survey the peninsula from remote locations.

It is hoped that the new technologies will play an important role in incident reduction in the area.

Perimeter Solution, Western Suburbs

Vehicle compoundHow do you manage more than 10,000 sets of car keys?

That was the challenge posed to Matryx Consulting during a risk assessment of a large motor vehicle compound.

The answer?

To design a perimeter solution that would envelope the entire 2km boundary of the complex and significantly reduce the instances of trespass, joyriding and vandalism.

Hobart City Council – Hobart

Hobart-city-councilThe facility managers of this CBD property had experienced ongoing issues with trespass, drug use and opportunistic theft in and around the building for some time. A CCTV system was in place yet was proving ineffectual, as image quality was very poor.

A comprehensive assessment was undertaken of the system, which identified 3 key action points:

  1. Realignment and refocussing of cameras – camera positioning was deemed to be adequate but lens selection was poor, meaning images of persons of interest were usually too small to assist Police. Changing and adjusting the camera lens overcame this issue.
  2. CCTV head-end replacement – An upgraded control system was recommended that could interface with the existing cameras. Image resolution was increased and archive periods doubled as part of this process.
  3. Alarm Switching – Static guards were unable to monitor all cameras simultaneously so alarm switching was implemented to provide a more manageable solution.
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